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Seneca Evercore is a financial advisory firm focused on M&A, restructuring and capital markets led by one of the most experienced teams in Brazil.  We have an exclusive partnership with Evercore: the leading independent advisor in the world.


About us

Seneca Evercore works alongside companies, families, individuals, executives, and investment funds, providing independent and unbiased advice in some of the most important moments of their business lives. In that capacity, our services include advising clients in mergers, acquisitions, capital market transactions, and corporate restructurings. 

Effort always calls for the best 


Who was Seneca?

Lucio Anaeu Seneca (Cordoba, 4 BC - Rome, 65 AD) was a philosopher, poet, and humanist who reflected about the soul, the human existence, ethics, logic, and nature.  One of the greatest representatives of Stoicism, Seneca  was opposed to many societal beliefs of his age: proposing equal rights among men and standing against slavery and social distinctions. He became well known for his views on fraternity and love among humans as a mean to appease the pain relating to existence, while highlighting the importance of resilience in life. 


Value  01.


Our clients always come first

We invest in long term relationships by providing independent, honest, and innovative advice. Our success is a consequence of the success of our clients.

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